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Budget Friendly Transportation

 Budget Friendly Transportation, is consistently ranked as the leading limousine service provider in the Bay Area. We specialize in offering affordable and reliable limousine services.  With BFT, you never go wrong. Our passion and dedication to providing exceptional limousine service is the reason BFT is on the top.


Since 1990, when we started our business in the Bay Area, we have grown into the Bay Area leading transportation providers.  Budget Friendly Transportation, was made the sister company of the famous Yellow Cab Express so that we could provide better and more efficient services to our customers. In BFT, you get fixed rates and better service at same compatible taxi rate.


BFT is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our services are the cornerstone of our highly recognized organization. That’s why we provide a Never Late Guarantee. Not only do we value our customer’s, we value their time and money. That’s why we arrive on time and provide the cheapest rates in the state. We use the most advanced technology in the entire state limo services, such as digital dispatching.

Our limo service also provides business accounts for those companies that are in need of transportation for their executives and employees. We offer services to schools, hospitals, doctors, and any other business that requires fast and reliable transportation.We setup Accounts Weekly and monthly basis.


Our staff consists of the most qualified and highly trained drivers and dispatchers. Safety is our first priority. Our driver’s are told to make sure that the customer’s safety is put before themselves. BFT is home to the best driver’s in the limousine business.


Our commitment to perfection goes far beyond providing exceptional service to every client. We are also dedicated to preserving the environment with a comprehensive range of "green initiatives." That’s why our fleet consists only of environment friendly vehicles.

BFT’s fleet consists of only hybrid vehicles.

To make sure you travel in a clean taxi, our limousine’s are cleaned and inspected on a daily basis. Our vehicle’s offer smooth and comfortable rides to ensure you don’t get tired and irritated at the end of the trip.

 We are always looking for ways to improve. So, if there’s any problem or complaint you can contact BFT at any time without any hassle.